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Futronic GMDSS testers now with facility to test AIS AtoN transponders




RF Consulting and Design Services


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Base Station Transceivers

The Danphone type DCB9140 transceiver operates in the VHF band 156-163 MHz (up to 174 MHz upon request).


Great Features as a Standard

  • Dual synthezised
  • Voice and data transmission
  • Simplex, Semi Duplex and Full Duplex
  • 2-75W adjustable output power
  • LAN interface for remote control and VoIP
  • Optional 4-wire E&M audio interface
  • Extensive range of control and monitoring facilities


    Local or Remote Control

    The DCB9140 transceiver provides facilities for local or remote monitoring and control of:


  • TX keying and confirmation
  • Forward transmit power and alarm
  • Reflected power
  • Receive signal level
  • Squelch threshold
  • Carrier detect
  • Synthesizer lock
  • Power supply alarm



Download our DCB9140 Leaflet        Read about Coast, Offshore, Land Mobile and Train Radio