Danphone is a global partner and supplier within the maritime sector providing coastal radio, NAVTEX, AIS systems and test equipment for radio inspections. Danphone is a part of the ecosystem for critical infrastructure for communication and safety in the maritime sector.

Since 1990 the development and manufacturing of Danphone products and systems have been located under the same roof in Northern Denmark. Hereby, we ensure complete control of manufacturing procedures resulting in high quality products and quick adaption of product features to meet customer needs.

We thrive on the personal contact to our customers as well as our partners in the pursuit of delivering flawless customised solutions with high standards.

Danphone’s engineers have more than 25 years experience with developing, manufacturing and installation of systems in challenging environments including system integration and network management.

Today, Danphone is a world leader, supplying Coastal Radio and NAVTEX transmitters in more than 40 countries – and Futronic GMDSS testers in 84 countries.

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Business Strategy

Our vision is to maintain a position as a leading independent supplier of Coastal radio communication and safety systems and related test equipment.

Danphone acknowledges that we are a part of the global ecosystem in maritime technology, and we always seek to partner with leading suppliers.

We work closely together with end users/operators, prime contractors, subcontractors and other complementary suppliers. Danphone understands the dynamics of strategic co-operation.

Danphone follow and develop the future systems for maritime communication and safety in close co-operation with customers and partners.

Danphone's business objective is to develop, manufacture and deliver customised radio equipment, systems and related services, which ensure the fulfilment of product specifications, approval requirements and agreed delivery times and prices.

In all of the company’s activities, customer satisfaction is of the utmost concern.

We maintain continuously close relationships with customers and partners in order to fulfil requirements and support all installed systems and products.




Our mission is to develop, manufacture and deliver on time customised radio communications equipment, systems and related services, which ensure the fulfilment of product specifications and approval requirements.

In all of our activities, customer satisfaction is of the utmost concern. Danphone operates and focuses on continuous improvements based upon our Quality Management System conforming to the international standard DS/EN ISO 9001.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Danphone supports the UN’s Global Compact, which is the world’s largest initiative on corporate social responsibility.

The Global Compact is a set of guidelines for how companies can contribute to solving the social and environmental challenges that come with globalization.

With the accession to the UN Global Compact, Danphone is committed to adapting our work and strategies to the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.


For more information please see the 10 principles

Danphone Sustainable Brand


As a part the Danphone environmental policy and brand strategy we ensure correct handling, disposal, reuse or recycling at end-of-life of all Danphone and Futronic Equipment.



Coastal radio systems for VHF and MF/HF form the major part of DANPHONE's business. GMDSS coast stations are delivered in compliance with relevant standards and specifications, including DSC, voice and data logging as well as patching to land line telephones.

The IP-based communication system features VoIP and remote control via touch monitors. The Network Management System offers the user a complete overview of the entire network as well as the ability to remotely monitor and configure each individual transceiver.

NAVTEX transmitter systems complement DANPHONE’s product line within the maritime business. The IP-based systems offer PC remote control and the facility of editing and compiling NAVTEX messages to be transmitted automatically at pre-selected times and with individual power settings. 



Futronic GMDSS test boxes form another important business activity for us. Developed and manufactured by Danphone under the brand name Futronic, these test boxes are used for the periodical surveys of ship-borne communications equipment, radio beacons, AIS and Search and Rescue transponders.

Futronic test boxes serve classification societies, equipment manufacturers, radio inspectors and maritime service providers worldwide.

Futronic test boxes are fully compliant with SOLAS requirements for radio inspections and are used worldwide for the inspection of communication and navigation equipment on board ships on behalf of various classification companies and port state control authorities.

There are more than 2,000 Futronic GMDSS testers in use located in more than 80 countries.



Danphone is a dynamic workplace. We have a flat organisation with a short chain of command. The organisation consists of tree main departments; Sales & Marketing, Development, and Production. Cooperation among colleagues is a priority which we believe, generates the base for a strong team. 

Danphone Products and Customer Relations

We do business all over the world with English as the common language. Our products are market leading due to high quality and explicit functionality. We follow our products closely from development to delivery and it is important for us to establish and maintain mutual rewarding relationships with our customers.   

Unsolicited applications 

If you are interested in a job at Danphone you are welcome to send an application to danphone@danphone.com. We are always pleased to receive unsolicited applications. 

All unsolicited and solicited job applications will be kept confidentially up max 6 months.
Job applicants can request Danphone to keep the application longer.