Become a certified GMDSS AIS radio surveyor with this 4-day technical course.

Instead of a time consuming on-the-job training for several months, it is now possible to take the GMDSS-AIS-Surveyor Course by Martec Maritime and Polytechnic College. The intensive course consists of both theory and practical exercises, which demands complete focus from the participants. 
The course has been developed by Martec and is approved by DNV-GL as a certified learning programme. The course targets new and experienced radio surveyors that need to perform a technical inspection of GMDSS and AIS installation.

Participants are trained in:

  • How to perform a complete radio survey.
  • Guidelines for the Technical Inspection of GMDSS and AIS installations, DNVGL-CP-0484 Appendix c+D.
  • IMO COMSAR/Circ. 32 Harmonization of GMDSS Requirements for SOLAS Radio installations. 
  • DNV GL GMDSS Survey Reports CRC 629a, CRC 630a and AIS 001a.
  • User instruction of the Danphone Futronic MKII test box.

See course description here.



A Martec certificate is awarded to the participants after completion of the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course.

The course is conducted in accordance with IMO COMSAR/Circ. 32 Harmonization of GMDSS Requirements for SOLAS Radio installation and DNV GMDSS Survey Reports.

The purpose of the course is to educate radio surveyors in how to provide comprehensive inspections and tests of radio communication equipment and AIS to ensure that suppliers have qualified surveyor personnel.



GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course:
The participant must have a valid General Operator Certificate (GOC) and some radio technical skills to participate in the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course.
If you already have a GOC, you just sign up for one of the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Courses below.

5 day intensive GOC Course:
For participants who do not hold a GOC, it is possible to take an intensive five day GOC Course immediately prior to the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course. To participate in the intensive GOC Course the participant must have some radio technical skills. Participating in both courses results in 9 days of intensive training in total. The first five days will be an intensive GOC Course and the following four days will be an intensive GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course. Both courses demand complete focus from the participants. Before participating in the course, the participant will receive course material as preparation for the GOC Course. Since the GOC Course usually takes 10 days to complete, this intensive GOC Course requires participants to study the material before attending the course.

After passing the test at the GOC Course, the participant must apply for the certificate from DMA. The fee for the certificate at DMA is 67 EUR.
The fee is not included in the course prices.



All cources are at the MARTEC
Kuttervej 13, 9990 Skagen, Denmark


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 Please be aware that the course has a limited capacity! 


For availability, please check here 


If you want to sign up for the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course, please send an email to: and provide the following information:

  • Name of the participant
  • Date of birth of the participant
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company VAT number
  • Your choice of course option: GMDSS / GMDSS + GOC / Hotel
  • Attach General Operator Certificate (GOC)



Futronic MKll radio survey course


The course is hosted by Martec in Skagen, Denmark. Martec will provide the necessary equipment at the course. Training will be from 08.10 - 16.30 and 8.10 - 14.30 on the last day. Training includes lunch and refreshments. 

The participants will, if they choose the hotel option, stay at Skagen Harbour Hotel and transport and accommodation will be arranged by Martec. Arriving late in the evening before the course is not a problem. 

NB: For courses in may and august, the accommodation is hosted by Foldens hotel and will, in addition to the existing services, include dinner.  

For information or questions please contact Anita Kristiansen from Martec: 
Email: abo@MARTEC.DK  Tel.: +45 5159 8588

Skagen Harbour Hotel , Skagen