Based on our customers' wishes we offer all radio operators a certified GMDSS AIS Course in collaboration with MARTEC, Maritime and Polytechnic University College.

Instead of a time consuming on-the-job training for several months - it is now possible to take the intensive 5-day technical course by MARTEC Maritime and Polytechnic College and become a certified radio surveyor. 

On the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course both new and experienced radio surveyors will be taught in technical inspections of GMDSS and AIS installations. The participants:

  • are educated in the rules and regulations that applies to GMDSS and AIS installations.

  • learn how to perform the technical inspection of GMDSS and AIS installations by a Futronic GMDSS-AIS test box.

  • learn how to fill in the data for the surveyor report.

Danphone GMDSS AIS surveyor course




The purpose of the course is to educate radio surveyors in how to provide comprehensive inspections and tests of radio communication
equipment and AIS (automatic identification system) to ensure that suppliers have qualified surveyor personnel.

Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the suppliers have documented and implemented systems for training, control, verification and reporting.

The GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course is conducted in accordance with IMO COMSAR/Circ. 32 Harmonization of GMDSS Requirements for
SOLAS Radio Installation and Survey Reports. 


The next courses take place on the 23-27 September and 4-8 November at MARTEC in Skagen, Denmark  


The first course in May is now fully booked! Secure a seat on one of the next courses:

Contact us at

NB: To participate, you must have an approved General Operators Certificate (GOC) or other prior experience as a radio operator.

Download the course description here

Please beware that the course has a limited capacity! 


If you want to sign up for the GMDSS AIS Surveyor Course, please send an email to: and provide the following information:

- Name of the participant
- Company name  
- Email
- Phone
- Your choice of course option: Course only / Course incl. hotel
- Date of birth of the participant 
- Company address  
- Attach General operator certificate (GOC) or similar proof of prior experience with radio operation

Futronic MKll radio survey course


The course will be held monday to friday from 08.00 - 16.00 and includes lunch and refreshments. 

The course option including hotel is a five night stay in Skagen at Skagen Harbour Hotel from Sunday to Friday. Arriving late sunday evening is not a problem. In the reception there will be an envelope with instructions to get your key. 

Download the course description here

For any general information and questions please contact Anita Kristiansen: 
Email: abo@MARTEC.DK  Tel.: +45 5159 8588  

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