Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) are designed to be capable of automatically transmitting all necessary data such as position, speed, course, cargo and MSSI to other ships and coastal authorities.

Danphone is a reputed supplier of complete, rack mount AIS Physical Shore Stations (PSS), built to meet individual customer specifications. In this capacity, we work with leading suppliers of base station transponders and AIS system software.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and scope of supply, we can offer equipment supply, manufacturing, installation and test.

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AIS shore station
AIS recorder


Dual channel AIS base station receiver with an internal USB memory stick data storage and TCP/IP interface.  

This unique AIS recorder is capable of receiving and saving data transmitted from AIS stations and have it transferred to PC or AIS system via the Internet. The recorder is designed for 24/7 operations. All AIS data strings received can be automatically time stamped. The time can be synchronized via NTP. 

The AIS recorder contains an embedded computer that reads all received AIS data and transfers it via TCP/IP network to a TCP client or server, as well as to the internal USB memory stick data storage. Therefore, in case of stand-alone usage or Internet connection failure, all AIS data can be made available for later manual retrieval. 

Examples of application are:

  • Stand-alone AIS base stations at remote locations with poor or non-existing infrastructure

  • Economical alternative for sea areas where full-featured AIS base stations are not required

  • Supplement to existing AIS networks.


 A web interface is supplied for verifying the current configuration
and operation, or remotely uploading a new configuration or firmware
to the device.

Network services are protected by a software firewall, only allowing
access from authorized IP addresses. 



 Data transfer via TCP/IP network

  • Internal USB memory stick 
  • 24/7 operation 
  • Automatic time stamp
  • The time can be synchronized via NTP
  • Remote control over IP 
  • Compliant web interface


AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a VHF-based navigation which automatically provides all the necessary data such as position, course, speed and MMSI to other ships and coastal authorities. It is an automatic tracking system used for collision avoidance of ships. The information from the AIS makes it possible to present a complete overview of the present ship traffic at the ocean.
AIS information supplements marine radar, which continues to be the primary method of collision avoidance at sea. In addition to collision avoidance, AIS also forms the core element in vessel traffic services (VTS).

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires AIS transponders to be fitted on board all vessels with gross tonnage of 300 or more and all passenger ships regardless of size.

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