Shipping Instructions


Shipping address



Danphone A/S
Tagholm 16
DK-9400 Noerresundby      

Attn.: Service Department
Tel: +45 96 44 44 44

Shipping Priority

Remember to send to Danphone using Express, Priority or similar premium service for faster turn-around time.


Futronic MKII



We always recommend you ship your tester by courier.
Only include cables, accessories and power adaptor etc. if relevant.

No RMA is required.

In order to avoid possible restrictions due to the built-in battery,
we advise you to state “Battery not restricted as per SP67” on the airwaybill.

Attach declarations if required from "download section" 

Contact your local forwarding agent to ensure correct procedure is applied.

Futronic calibration for

non-EU customers



Non-EU customers are advised the following:

Danphone has been awarded an IPO- Authorisation for the use of inward processing procedure.

Shipping Information to be used:

Description: Futronic test box with accessories.

HS-code: 9030 8900 Under the Combined Nomenclature (CN)

Use procedure codes for Outward processing, Return goods or Temporary export when shipping the Futronic test box to Danphone.

EORI Number DK13640378

REX Number DKREX180234802