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Radio & Safety Equipment Layer


Safety critical communication equipment is required to cover all sea areas. To meet all requirements, Danphone designes and builds a solution based upon products with high performance and reliability for VHF, UHF, MF/HF radios, DSC, MSI/ NAVTEX, and AIS/ VDES. Integration and management of own and 3rd party radio equipment are currently ensuring complete and reliable communication. 


Plug and Play

With a Port System from Danphone you do not need to have a complete understanding of technology, we offer you support during the installation. Plug and Play is the solution for you, eliminating unnecessary stress, everything is ready and simple to put in place from time of delivery. Simply put in the Plug and we do the rest. 

Danphone VHF Transceivers operating in the marine VHF band mounted in rack.

Complete Customised Solution

Danphone designes the complete system meeting the customers' needs and requirements. The system is based upon customised and commercial off-the-shelf products. Our approach involves a combination of tailored Danphone products and carefully integrated 3rd party products from industry-leading suppliers. This strategic blend of technology allows us to address the full spectrum of challenges that ports may face.

Over the years, we are encountered numerous distinctive challenges where the incorporation of 3rd party products was essential. This approach empowers our customers with unprecedented control ensuring Danphone, in collaboration with the customers, can design every aspect of the system to meet their specific requirements. 

High Performance VHF Radios

Danphone incorporates our own state-of-the-art VHF radios in the Port System with a focus on explicit quality and functionality supporting safety-first policy.

The new VHF radios come with an option of 2 receivers and built-in DSC modem for continous automated supervision of CH70. In addition to VoIP and remote-control over IP, the VHF radio allows for local control via display and handset.

The radios meet European ETSI and American FCC standards in regards to RF performance and EMC, and are manufactured with the utmost quality, cost efficiency, and flexibility in mind. 


Maritime Frequency Range 

Our system guarantee seamless communication by including all international maritime channels. With our equipment, users can rely on a communication experience they are accustomed to, promoting efficiency and ease of use.


Building Upon Legacy Systems

At Danphone, we take immense pride in our ability to enable customers to utilise their pre-existing equipment seamlessly with our advanced Port Communication System. Regardless of brand and model, our team of experienced software and hardware engineers has encountered and successfully integrated a wide array of legacy systems. Incorporating your old or existing port infrastructure into the new Danphone Port Communication System is a seamless and hassle-free process. 


Prepared For Ease of Installation

The radio equipment will be pre-installed and configured in 19" rack enclosers. Requiring only minimum on-site installation tasks. (Mains supply, LAN cables, and coaxial cables).

Multible-racks for large scale systems.


Explore Danphone's cutting-egde Port Communication System and delve deeper into the it's features and benefits through the three sections below. 


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