Danphone is approved by Denmark's Export Credit Agency to offer long-term financing of coastal radio projects and equipment to customers at competitive rates. This means that projects delivered by Danphone can be financed over a period longer than the typical project delivery period. With Denmark's Export Credit Agency to bear the risks, you benefit from being supported by the Danish State, when purchasing products and services from Danphone. 

The typical financing period can be from 18 to 60 months and in special cases even longer. 
A project financed over 5 years will have an initial payment of 20% at order and 10 bi-annual payments. 
A premium of between 0.5 and 4 percent will be added to the project price, depending on the country, the customer's credit rating and the term of loan. 

For govenmental buyers, a sovereign guarantee is a requirement, i.e. a guarantee from Ministry of Finance or for some cases evaluation of local Coast Guard or relevant authority. From private system integrators or banks, a credit rating is conducted. 

Please contact Danphone for further dialogue on financing your next Danphone equipment or coastal radio project and to receive a specific proposal.

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Danphone & Danske Bank

Danphone is a customer in Danske Bank, and has been a customer since Danphone was founded in 1990.

Danske Bank operates in 8 countries and has banking connections in most countries and all major banks.

PLEASE do not accept payments, invoices or other transactions directed to other banks than Danske Bank

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