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Why do I not receive the link to the software update when I request the software update in the contact form?

- Please check your SPAM-mail, since some emails are filtered out by security settings. 
- Make sure, that your test box is within calibration. Otherwise the test box cannot be updated. 

How do I identify the current software version?

- To identify the current software version on your Futronic MKII, please see our guideline here.

Why is my test box showing the message: "Fault in APP FW"?

- Most likely there has been an interruption of the communication between the PC and the testbox during the update process. We will recommend that you try to run the software update once again. When you start the unit you don’t push any buttons until after a few seconds when the “please wait” appear on the display. Then you press the left button just once and proceed with the update as described in our step-by-step guide here.

I don't have the FTDI CDM windows driver, where can this be found?

- The FTDI CDM windows driver is normally installed automatic during regular windows updates, but it can also be done manually. Find it here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM21228_Setup.zip



How do I identify the serial number on my Futronic test box?

To identify the serial number on your Futronic MKII please see our guideline here.














What is the warranty of the Futronic MKII?

- Futronic test boxes is covered by a 24 months warranty from the delivery date. Within the warranty period, Danphone undertakes to repair any proven defects or, optionally, to supply a full or partial replacement. The warranty is subject to calibration and expires if the calibration due date is expired. 

When must the test box be re-calibrated?

The first calibration is required after one year and then every second year. Each time, Danphone issues a new calibration certificate valid for two years.

Where can the test box be calibrated?

 Danphone in Pandrup, Denmark, is the only certified calibration center for Futronic test boxes.

What does the calibration include?

- The calibration includes a general product check-up, a software update to the latest version and a calibration certificate valid for two years.



Where is the GMDSS-AIS-Surveyor Course hosted?

- The course is hosted in Skagen, Denmark by MARTEC. 

Do I get a certificate after completion of the course?

- Yes. The participants are awarded with a MARTEC certificate that states that the participant has completed the GMDSS-AIS Surveyor Course, which is approved by DNV-GL as a certified learning programme. 

Can I participate in the course?

- The course is conducted for both new and expirenced radio surveyors. To participate you must have a valid General Operator Certificate (GOC).