Danphone NAVTEX Transmitter Systems

With more than 40 NAVTEX transmitters delivered since 2007, Danphone is truly a leading supplier of NAVTEX systems worldwide.

The IP-based Danphone NAVTEX transmitter system is scalable and can be customised to suit all requirements - from a single-transmitter setup to a complex national system with multiple operators and transmitter sites installed at various remote locations.

Incorporating Danphone’s intuitive graphical user interface, the system offers a wide range of opportunities, such as PC remote control and the facility of editing and compiling NAVTEX messages to be transmitted automatically at pre-selected times and frequencies.
The server free architecture ensures transmission of prepared messages even if the network is down.

The transmitters are designed for standard 19" rack mount and can be installed in separate cabinets or stacked together in one cabinet. For example, a 1,800 mm / 40 HU cabinet can contain all the equipment needed for a main/standby system with duplicated transmitters and power supplies.



  • IP network infrastructure (IEEE 802.3)
  • Transmission of compiled messages even if the
    network is down
  • Supports 518 kHz and 490 kHz transmissions
    with any local character set in any language
  • Storage of all transmitted messages
  • Remote controlled monitoring and configuration
  • Allows for redundancy of all system



  • Multiple transmitter sites and operator positions
  • Compact rugged construction suitable for use 
    in harsh environmental conditions
  • Prepared for integration with Danphone's 
    GMDSS system
  • Adjustable output power 50W-1kW or 
  • Independent power settings for each time slot
  • Modular design for future expansions
  • Allows remote service and support by 
    Danphone specialists
Danphone reliability in operation


NAVTEX is an internationally coordinated and automated direct-printing service for promulgation of navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecasts and other urgent information to ships.

NAVTEX is a component of the Worldwide Navigation Warning Service (WWNWS) defined by the IMO. NAVTEX is also a major element of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) mandated by the international convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) dating back to August 1993.

Danphone's NAVTEX system
Danphone NAVTEX rak