Another Busy Year at Danphone


With the completion and delivery of several coastal radio systems, 2016 has been a busy time for Danphone. We are proud to announce the following projects and would like to thank our customers for their confidence by selecting Danphone as their preferred supplier.

Denmark National Coastal Radio System


Additional radio site for the National Coastal Radio System

In addition to the 23 radio sites delivered in 2015, a new site including five VHF transceivers, two 1 kW MF transmitters and 3 MF receivers were delivered in July 2016.

Egypt NAVTEX System

NAVTEX Transmitter System and MF/HF Transmitter for Radio Telex

Remote-controlled, IP-based NAVTEX system with one 1 kW NAVTEX Transmitter and separate Receiver site, along with one 1 kW MF/HF Transmitter for Radio Telex. The system utilizes remote PC touch screen control. Installed and commissioned in August 2016.

Morocco National VHF GMDSS System

IP-based communications system with 9 remote-controlled coast stations incorporating a total of 27 VHF transceivers and a control centre with 3 operators, redundant servers, PSTN interface and digital voice recording. The system was delivered in August 2016.

Trinidad & Tobago MF/HF/VHF GMDSS System

IP-based system with 2 remote-controlled MF/HF sites, each of them with one 500 W transmitter and 6 receivers, and 2 VHF sites incorporating a total of 8 transceivers.