This combined GMDSS and NAVTEX system designed for sea area A1+A2 coverage in the Republic of Cyprus was installed during November 2014. The system renders radiotelephony on all VHF marine channels and MF frequencies, continuous watch on VHF channel 16 and 70, MF frequency 2182 and 2187.5 kHz, and warning transmissions and weather forecasts through NAVTEX.

The system incorporates 4 VHF sites, a MF/HF and NAVTEX transmitter site and a separate MF/HF receiver site – all of them being remote controlled from the GMDSS Main Control Centre in Limassol as well as from a secondary Control Centre at the Emergency Rescue and Co-ordination Unit in Larnaca.

All locations are interconnected over an IP network. The Main Control Centre holds two system servers configured for Main/Hot Standby operation. Thus the system will continue to function should one of the servers fail.

A PSTN Gateway, located together with the servers, permits both the local and remote operators to be connected to the local PSTN. Furthermore, the PSTN feature will permit MEDCO calls through VHF and MF to/from the public telephone network. The time and duration of the radio airtime is logged.