System Expansion in Morocco

The busy and narrow strait of Gibraltar has been covered from the south by a Danphone VHF GMDSS Coastal radio system, located on the coastline of Morocco.

Starting out as an IP-based communication system with 9 remote-controlled coast stations incorporating a total of 27 VHF transceivers in August 2016, it will now be expanded with an additional MF/HF system.

The strait of Gibraltar is only 7.7 nautical miles wide and has more than 120.000 ships passing annually. Our VHF MF/HF system ensures safe maritime communication with state-of-the-art equipment all around.  


  • 10 VHF sites from Ras Kebdana to Dakhla, each equipped with 3 transceivers
  • 1 MF/HF transmitter site with 1 MF/HF transmitter
  • 1 MF/HF receiver site including 12 receivers
  • 1 central operators center with full remote control of all sites