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At Danphone, we are excited to bring you an exclusive offer that combines cutting-edge technology with top-notch education.

We have reserved 5 vacant places at the highly recommended GMDSS-AIS Surveyor Course at Martec to our very first five Futronic MKII buyers.

So why not start the new year with the best radio inspection equipment and be the best radio surveyor in your area?


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What you will gain from the GMDSS-AIS Surveyor Course?

The Surveyor Course is developed by industry experts from Martec, with support from Danphone, to educate radio surveyors on how to provide comprehensive inspections and test of radio communication equipment including AIS to ensure service providers have professionally qualified surveyor personnel.

The GMDSS-AIS Radio Surveyor Course is a unique and unparalleled opportunity, designed to shape you into a world-class radio inspector. This DNV Certified course seamlessly blends expert guidance, personalized tutoring, and immersive hands-on learning.

Engage and network with fellow maritime professionals from diverse backgrounds and regions, gaining valuable insights and trade secrets from their extensive experience with radio inspections.

At the end of the course, participants will have acquired a DNV Certified Training Certificate for Radio Inspections.


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Limited offer

This offer is valid until 29 th March 2024, when you buy a new Futronic MKII. The offer can’t be combined with other campaigns.


The GMDSS-AIS Surveyor Course at Martec, Danmark, must be redeemed in:

26 - 29 Febuary - 2024

24 - 27 June - 2024


Course enrollment is subject to availability.

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