Our Futronic all-in-one test solution for radio inspections is upgraded to include the testing and decoding of SAR Aircraft AIS transponders, AIS base station transponders and new EPIRB frequencies.


Futronic MKII AIS tests
Class A & B transponders; Base Station transponders; Aids to Navigation devices (AtoN); Search and Rescue transponders  (AIS SART); Man over Board devices (MoB); Search and Rescue Aircraft AIS transponders


Futronic MKII EPIRB tests
406.025 MHz; 406.028 MHz; 406.031 MHz; 406.037 MHz; 406.040 MHz; 121.5 MHz


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With high-performance measurement capability, Futronic MKll ensures time and cost-reduced inspections with simple test procedures and corresponding data collection for reporting that meets all requirements and needs. Read more


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