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The end of summer is here, so the time to lift-up your maritime communication game starts now with the cutting-edge innovation from Danphone A/S - The Futronic MKII. As the sun graces the waves, ensure your radio inspections are powered by unparalleled stability and simplicity, all wrapped up in the unmistakable mark of quality - Made in Denmark.


At Danphone, we understand that practicality is the key when it comes to maritime operations. That is why we proudly present the Futronic MKII, your ultimate solution for seamless radio inspections. No more juggling between multiple devices or settling for substandard quality. Futronic MKII is your all-in-one powerhouse, bringing together the entire universe of GMDSS functionalities in a single, reliable box.


Key Features:

  • Stability Redefined: Navigating the seas demands equipment that can withstand the elements. Futronic MKII’s robust design ensures unshakeable stability.
  • Simplicity at its Core: We believe sophistication should never compromise simplicity. With its easy interface, Futronic MKII empowers every user, regardless of technical expertise, to harness its full potential effortlessly.
  • Constantly evolving: In the dynamic maritime landscape, staying ahead is essential. Futronic MKII’s promise of continuous updates guarantees that you are always equipped with the latest features and technology, adapting to your needs and industry advancements.
  • Crafted for Excellence: Craftsmanship meets innovation in Futronic MKII’s “Made in Denmark” label. Designed and manufactured with thought, it showcases the well known Danish standard of flawless quality.


Your All-In-One Companion:

Picture a world where you don’t need to second-guess your surveyor equipment. Futronic MKII is the comprehensive answer, encompassing all GMDSS essentials within its sleek frame. While it might not be compact in size, its capabilities are limitless, making it the only companion you need on your maritime journey.


So, set your course with confidence, knowing that Futronic MKII is your trusty partner, transforming maritime communication into an experience marked by reliability, ease, and innovation. Join the league of seafarers who trust Danphone A/S to deliver not just a product, but a dependable solution that captures the spirit of the sea.


This summer, let Futronic MKII redefine your maritime communication and radio surveyor voyage. Embrace the future with Danphone A/S.


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