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Today more than ever, network operators must demonstrate they are prepared for any eventuality. Critical communications require expert support that guarantees response and recovery times and supports all performance parameters.

Danphone Service and Support deliver continued assurance and expert service and support for your staff and equipment – for the life of your communication infrastructure.

We offer training in operation and maintenance of Danphone communication systems. Customised and specific training can also be provided to accommodate the user’s requirements. Details of standard training is available on request.









Our solutions are customised and so is the support we provide to all valued customers. We offer remote online support and you are supported by the same team of Danphone technicians who created, and in some cases also installed, your system.  Full functionality is our mission and we strive to provide and maintain the most reliable systems on the market.     

Preventive Maintenance - Regular, scheduled maintenance and real-time monitoring means proactive intervention before issues escalate. Even minor downtime decreases productivity and operational efficiency, increases costs and risk.

Support Agreement - supports your back office and keeps your system optimized with the level of support you choose.

Software Upgrades and Updates – advanced features and functions that enhance system performance and extends the life of your network and infrastructure.

Repairs – hardware repair services for all system equipment, regardless of vendor or warranty.

Spare parts - Spare parts are always available on-site or from our factory in Denmark and we are ready to fix and replace any necessary parts. 



Futronic test boxes has been on the market since 1996 and a proven longevity of more than 20 years. The profound quality of Futronic is incomparable to similar products and caused by the rock solid workmanship of Danphone engineers. 

Service - Futronic is serviced in our factory by qualified service technicians to maintain the quality of our product. 

Warranty - All test Boxes supplied as new by DANPHONE are covered by warranty for a period of 24 months from the delivery date. Within the warranty period, DANPHONE undertakes to repair any proven defects or, optionally, to supply a full or part replacement.

Repairs – hardware repair services for Futronic  equipment, regardless of age.

Calibration - For information on calibration of your Futronic test box please see Calibration and services 

To contact Danphone with a Futronic service request you need to inform the serial of the test box in question. If you are unfamiliar with the serial number of your test box, please see our guide section 3 for identification of serial number.  

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